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Instrumental India
The Legacy Of Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet
Artist: Ustad Amir Khan
Passage To India - Vocal
The Flow Of Time
Best Of Navras 2006
My Inspirations
Live In Berkeley
Unsung Vol 3
Vilayat Khan
Twilight Melodies
Vintage 78 RPM Records
Raga Marwa (Surbahar)
Artist: Kushal Das
Raga Marwa
Ragas Marwa & Bhairavi - Live at the Kufa Gallery, London
Artist: Ustad Rais Khan
The Eternal Rhapsody
Artist: JS Paras
Sangeet Sartaj Vol 1 - Jasraj (Pandit)
Artist: Pandit Jasraj
Legends Vol 3
Women Through The Ages Series
Ragas Of India
Raga Marwa
Artist: Satish Vyas
Echoes Of Golden Voice
Ustad Rais Khan Live In London 1993
Artist: Ustad Rais Khan
Passing On The Tradition
Nav Ratna - The Great Masters
Signature Series Vol 3
Indias Maestro Of Melody Live Concert vol 3
Immortal Essence
In Celebration Vol 1
Royal Albert Hall
Artist: Ram Narayan
The Ravi Shankar Collection - In New York
In Concert
Artist: Ram Narayan
Masters Of Raga
Artist: Ram Narayan
Raga Marwa
The Legacy Of Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet Vocals Vol 2
Artist: Hussain Bakhsh Gullo
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