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Teen Taal, Vilambit

About this album

Steeped in the traditions of the Jaipur Gharana, Vijaya's music is modeled on the classical Alladiya gayaki and has all of its intrinsic appeal. Gifted with a powerful slicing voice, her forte lies in her gyrating taans, ascending and descending in spiral curves rather than straight lines, and coming with the force of a whiplash. The complexity of her note patterns is enlivened by off beat accentuations of rhythm. Behlawa (spiral taans in slow motion) is a Jaipur Gharana characteristic that Vijaya has made her specialty her notes meander with increasing vigor to a breath-taking crescendo, recalling to many the memories of the formidable Kesarbai Kerkar.

Vijaya's initial training came from her father, Shri Dinkar Jadhav, himself a student of Ustad Habib Khan and Nathan Khan. In 1978 she was awarded the Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar scholarship by the National Center for Performing Arts; and in the samr year she was accepted as a student by Pandit Nivruttibua Sarnaik, also of the Jaipur Gharana. Later she moved to the Sangeet Research Academy in Calcutta to continue her tutelage under him.

Vijaya has performed at concerts all over the country as well as in U.S.A and Canada.


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