Foot Steps

Meeta Pandit

Tambura Players
Diwan Singh, Sher Singh
Harmonium Player
Mehmood Dholpuri
Tabla Player
Ustad Faiyyaz Khan

About this album

Poised on the horizon at the dawn of the new millennium stand a number of young musicians. The radiance of their talent and promise sets the skies afire. Some among them are walking a path long-familiar to their fathers and forefathers, for the concept of gharanedar musicians where the making of music is a legacy handed down from parent to child, is an old and accepted one. Hailing from families intrinsically a part of the history of Indian music, these young musicians are well set to create history in the coming millennium.

Young Meeta Pandit holds aloft the torch of the Gwalior Gharana and has the distinction of being the first female musician in the family. Granddaughter of the late Krishnarao Shankar Pandit, and daughter and disciple of Laxman Krishnarao Pandit, this phenomenally talented vocalist is gifted with a clear, steady and melodious voice of incredible range.

Armed with the eight elements of the Gwalior style in good measure-alaap, bolalaap, taan, boltaan, murki, lavakari, gamak and meend - this versatile young vocalist is equally at home rendering a khayal as she is with a tappa, thumri or bhajan. This debut album presents a brilliant rendering of tilwada composition by her in Raga Kedar followed by a bandish in drut ektaal in the same raga.

She then sings a scintillating tappa in Raga Khamaj. A rare composition in the Raga Deshkar precedes the vigor and verve of a blue-blooded Gwalior tarana. Concluding a mature performance that displays skill, dexterity and innate talent, is a beautiful self-composed Bhajan.


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