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Thought traditional in nature, Bhimsen Joshi, the versatile vocalist from the Kirana school, has enriched his musical mind, to add that ornamental touch work from other schools that suits his voice texture and temperature. Bhimsen Joshi, the coveted disciple of the late Rambhau kundgolkar, (Sawai Gandharva) who was the principal student of the late Abdul Karim Khan Sahib, the founder of the Kirana School.

Bhimsen Joshi has trained his voice with an extra sincere effort which is musically known as Mandra Sadhana and projects tuneful timbered voice with an amazing breath control, even in his seventies. Bhimsen Joshi with his immense involvement
establishes an immediate rapport with the listeners through his appealing voice media. He is one of the top-ranking vocalists of the country who is also constantly in demand even in the western countries. The Sawal Gandhara Sangeet Mahotsav, the festival of music and dance, is held every year in the cultural city of Pune as a musical tribute to the memory of the late Sawal Gandharva.

Bhimsen Joshi is the chief architect of this festival, which has acquired the status of a prestigious cultural event in the country. The three glamorous musical nights of the festival are flooded with musical contributions from outstanding musicians from all over the country. This platform has proved to be a springboard for the upcoming and promising artists and also a prestigious platform for the established artists. The festival in invariably concluded with the energizing musical feast from Bhimsen Joshi.

This is a variation of Raga Asawari, a morning melody, which adopts Komal Rishabh in place of Shudha Rishabh as appears in Asawari. This rendering goes almost parallel with Komal Rishabh Asawari. Bhimsen Joshi has rendered the raga with his even
and impactive voice that speaks for itself. He concludes with a pleasant presentation of yet another morning melody, the Raga Deskar.

Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav, Pune

This festival of music, with a tradition of four decades, has become one of the main activities in the cultural life of Pune City.

Rambhau Kundagolkar alias Savai Gandharva was the chief disciple of Late Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Sawai Gandharva, a great khayal singer, lived not only as the torchbearer of the Kirana Gharana but perpetuated the glorious tradition by training
disciples like Smt Gangubai Hangal, Firoz Dastur and Bhimsen Joshi - stalwarts in their own right today.

After Sawai Gandharva's demise, the Arya Sangeet Prasarak Mandal in Pune decided to commemorate him through this 3-Night-long festival. For the last four decades, the tradition has continued without a break. Almost all great artists have performed on
this concert platform to all aspects of music - Vocal, Instrumental and Dance. Artists from all Gharanas have presented their art here. Inclusion of artists from the South Indian Style is also a special feature of this festival.

Sawai Gandharva Festival has thus become a living example of unity in diversity of our culture.


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