Vedavalli R Concerts Vol 2

R. Vedavalli

Mridangam Player
Prasad KV
Ghatam Player
Violin Player
Kovai Balasubramaniam

About this album

R.Vedavalli's concert reflects her deep scholarship. She has been able to attain a leading position in the field of Carnatic music without losing the vision of musical idealism. There is tonal lucidity and clarity in her sahitya rendition. She is precise in her music and has an unerring kalapramana or sense of time. Her music is simple yet intense and is a medium of communication with the soul.

1.The Pallavi 'Ramapathim Bhaja Maname' is an Anuloma Viloma Pallavi in Manipravalam(i.e., in a combination of Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil). This is set to Adi Thalam in 4 kalai.

2.Thani Avarthanam continued from side A

3. 'Aanirai Meikka' is a periazhwar Pasuram rendered in Ragamalika in the ragas Dhanyasi, Varali, Sahana, Sindhubhairavi and Madhyamavathi.

4. 'Re Re Manasa' (Dwijavanthi - Adi) is a Tarangam. Narayana Theertha composed the Krishna Leela Tarangini. He picturised Lord Krishna's leelas in the form of waves. Hence the usage of the word Tarangam.

5.The 'Thillana'(Khamas - Adi) is a lively piece composed by Patnam Subramanya Iyer who has to his credit many types of compositions such as Varnams, Krithis and Javalis.


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