Vedavalli R

R. Vedavalli

Mridangam Player
Suchindram Krishnan
Violin Player
Sikkil Bhaskaran

About this album

Vedavalli is known for her traditional and classical approach to Carnatic music. In a career spanning five decades she has established herself as a musician of repute and her concerts reflects the rich repertoire that she has acquired from her gurus - Madurai Srirangam Iyengar and Mudicondan Venkatarama Iyer. She has also specialized in rendering padams and javalis under the guidance of T. Muktha.

Her performances are marked by unlimited imagination and creativity. She is unparallel in her depth of understanding of ragas and her mastery over intricate laya patterns. She is acknowledged as an expert in singing Ragam Tanam Pallavi. Her remarkable spontaneity, her total involvement in the music, her dedication and spirit, her unforgettable raga alapanas and her unique style have won her national and International acclaim.

Music for the sake of music has been her goal. She has directed all her energies towards this quest and what blossoms out of this is rich divine music. Each composition rendered by her is a masterpiece.

1. 'Sri Sankara Guruvaram' (Nagaswaravali - Rupakam) is a Sanskrit composition of Mahavaidyanatha Sivan on Sri Sankara has been described as the Guru - knowledge personified. The chitta swaram has been composed by Mudicondan Venkatarama Iyer.

2. Veena Kuppaier has composed a number of varnams and kirtanas. 'Mammu Brochu Patla' (Simhendramadhyamam - Adi) is a beautiful kirtana. He describes Lord Venkatesa as one who is as dark as the clouds and as one who has Goddess Alamelu by his side. As a bhakta he asks why the Lord does not have the mind and heart to save him.

3. Mitri Bhagyame (Kharaharapriya - Adi) is a famous krithi of Thyagaraja. Soumitri of Lakshmana is fortunate to rock Sri Rama in his bejeweled seat. Lakshmana is fortunate to serve Sri Rama whose praise has been sung by Thyagaraja in beautiful and rare ragas. The anupallavi of the krithi
'Chitraratnamaya' is rendered at the beginning.

4. The virutham has been taken from the Divyaprabandham. Tondaradipodi Alwar has composed about 45 Pasurams on Lord Sri Ranganatha. Two of these Pasurams have been rendered in a ragamalika gentle and subtle transition from one raga to another is very appealing.

5. 'Adaikkalam' is a Tamil composition of Ambujam Krishna where she surrenders to the Lord and seeks refuge in Him.

6. A Tillana is a unique composition with jatis, swaras and sahitya. This lilting tillana in Raga Vasantha has been composed by Thavil vidwan Ammachatram Kannusamy Pillai.


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