Raga Karaharapriya

Mandolin Srinivas

Violin Player
Sridhar SD
Ghatam Player
Subramanian EM
Karahara Priya
Mridangam Player
Vellore Ramabhadran

About this album

A Raga is like a beautiful necklace adorned by swaras, which are like gems of different colours, sizes and shapes.

Each swara has an identity, an effect and suggests a mood. Different swaras combine in sequence in a variety of ways, to create a kaleidoscopic effect of beauty and emotion.

A raga selects a certain number and sequence of these gem-like swaras and creates, for its own body-structure, a dialect of motifs. Each raga finally has a beautiful personality, which is born of the personality of the swaras and in turn colours the swaras through its own identity. An identity, which is not merely defined, but felt and experienced in sensual and aesthetic ecstacy.

Raga - a tapestry of colours, a monument of love.

Raga Karaharapriya

The concert commences with elaborate Raga Alapana in Karaharapriya spreading and scattering, fragrance all around and shedding luster. Harapriya means delightful to Shiva. The prefix 'Khara' is added to suit to the Katapayadhi formula. This is 22nd Melakartha. This is a Sarvakalikamela with fair amount of Janya Ragas. The gradual development of the alapana with remarkable phrases. The artiste has developed the raga creatively and spiritually. This is strikingly impressive and effective, expressing the ragachaya with ranjaka swaras. Raga Vinyasam is aesthetically refined. We find a disciplined technical approach in the drive of alapana. The Portrayal of Raga is pleasant.


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