Rare Krithis Of Shyama Sastry

Sulochana Pattabhiraman

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Panchapakesan EM
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Sundaram P
Shyama Sastry
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Sivaraman K

About this album

Once or twice in a millennium human spirit gathers itself in a mighty upheaval and a divine poet, mystic or a spiritual leader is born. He contains in himself all the past and the future and profoundly affects the destiny of society by his sagacious foresight and vision. These are thoughts that occur in one's mind while remembering Shyama Sastry, one of the musical trinity of South India whose compositions have given the art from of Carnatic music refreshing dimensions that are beyond compare.

He was an expert musician and composer, whose scholarly compositions were addressed mostly to Devi, the mother of the Universe, pleading for her compassion and grace. His three Swara Jathis in Thodi, Bhairavi and Yadukulakambhoji are peerless gems inundated with melodic, rhythmic and lyrical excellence. His devotion to Devi Kamakshi was such that She gave him darshan more than once and blessed him.

Sulochana Pattabhiraman is a senior artiste who is one of the prime disciples of the illustrious doyen of Carnatic music, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. She has many parts to her artistic persona such as performer, guru, critic and music director and is well respected in knowledgeable circles.

She and her disciples have rendered in tandem some very rare songs of Shyama Sastry in Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil in this audio volume that undoubtedly has the aristocracy of excellence.


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