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About this album

Through haunting melodies emerging from his flute Lord Krishna was able to reach the hearts of his devotees. Since then there have been many who have mastered the flute. This cassette presents cascades of melody from bamboo flute of 12-year-old Shashank hailed as the latest child avatar (incarnation) to arrive on the Carnatic music scene.

After listening to him, the flute maestro T.R.Mahalingam made the farsighted but unusual suggestion for Shashank's growth that he be taught only vocal music in a sound tradition. Among those who thus taught Shashank were veterans R.K.Srikanthan and Palghat K.V. Narayana Swamy with fellowship from Govt. of Karnataka and Govt. of India respectively.

His in-born gift was discovered when as a todler Shashank could identify most ragas of Carnatic music. This prodigy has recently enraptured audiences in India, Australia and Singapore with his music. Connoisseurs, critics and leading musicians have showered encomiums on the boy using epithets such as '...his control over the instrument, the measured sense of proportion and the absence of immaturity in one so young...', '...his concerts demonstrated that skill and sensitivity, vidwat and gnanam combine happily in him...', '...his concert was one in quintessence', and so on. A leading critic went to the extent of declaring that he was swept off his feet by Shashank's extraordinary musical acumen and technical virtuosity and added that he was a replica of the great Mali...'

Even when accompanied by renowned musicians, Shashank enjoys playing music that comes naturally. In this album he is accompanied by Nagai Muralidharan (violin), Trichur C.Narendran (mridangam), G.Harishankar (Ganjira) and N.Govindarajan (ghatam)


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