Shalil Shankar

Shalil Shankar

Tabla Player
Subhankar Banerjee

About this album

A roving Cultural Ambassador - sitar in hand - Shalil Shankar is one of the most talented and popular instrumentalists on the professional music scene today. Following in his Master Ravi Shankar's footsteps, Shalil has traveled all over the world
armed only with his sitar and a belief that one can transcend all barriers of cast, creed, religion and language through the universal language of music which flows directly from soul to soul.

Drawn by an intent curiosity concerning man and culture (he holds MSc in Anthropology from Culcutta University). Shalil Shankar has been reaching out to people in European and African countries, the USA, Canada, the Middle East and India.

A strong affinity with the younger generation and a belief that the Fine Arts can have a great impact on their formative minds, Shalil includes as many schools and Universities as possible in his performances. His unique success in this endeavor can best be described through the words of his critics and listeners.


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