December Season 2001 Vol 1

Sanjay Subrahmanyan

Mridangam Player
Srimushnam V Raja Rao
Violin Player
Varadarajan S

About this album

Sanjay Subramanyan is an exciting young star of Carnatic music. His introduction to Carnatic music, at the young age of seven, was via the violin. He commenced his training from V. Lakshiminarayana (father of teh renowned violists L.Shankar and L,Subramaniam), untill his manual dexterity was impaired by an accident. He took to singing and received his initial training from his grand aunt, Smt Rukmini Rajagopalan. He then trained under Calcutta Sri K.S.Krishnamurthy.

Sanjay has performed in all the major institutions, festivals and sabha-s in India and has won numerous pandits from critics and rasika-s. Sanjay is an 'A' Grade artiste of All India Radio, Madras and is a regular performer on Doorshan TV and Sun TV. He has released several cassettes and CD's on several major labels and is a popular favorite at record stores. Sanjay is the recipient of several awards from reputed institutions. He is the recipient of the Outstanding Junior Musician award from the Annual Conference of the Madras Music Academy. He received the Spirit of Youth Award for Outstanding Performance from Krishna Gana Sabha under its talent promotion scheme. He was awarded the title of Yuva Kala Bharathi by Bharat Kalachar. Last year Sanjay received the Isai Peroli award from the Kartik Fine Arts, Chennai.

He is a popular artiste on the International circuit and hs fans in many countries of the World. He is known for hits highly intellectual approach to music, but he ensures that the entertainment element is also not lost sight of.


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