December Season 2001 Vol 1

Sangeetha Swaminathan

About this album

Sangeetha Swaminathan (formerly Krishnamurthy) is a disciple of Smt Sudha Raghunathan since 1994. Prior to that she learnt music from Karur Sri D Krishnamurthy, her own father, who in addition to a corporate career was also giving music performances.

A passion for their MLV bhani was what made her approach Smt Sudha Raghunathan, who despite her own hectic schedules, graciously accepted Sangeetha as her student. With the personal and focused attention of the Guru, Sangeetha's musical capabilities have been honed to a high degree of perfection.

Her style, faithful to the MLV bhani, is marked by clear enunciation of words, a full-throated approach to singing and the usage of bhrigas, which however do not deflect the bhava aspect in any way.

Sangeetha has sung in almost all the major Sabhas in Chennai and has performed elsewhere in the country and abroad. She has also won numerous prizes from the Music Academy and other institutions. She aims at perfection in her performances, the hallmark of a true professional.


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