Music Director
Roopkumar Rathod

About this album

Our expectations from Roopkumar Rathod have peaked a long while ago. So it is a bit of a dampener to know that he, being also a very poetry-conscious artiste, sings pedestrian verse like Peetey peetey, which also results in a very ordinary composition.
Music is passing through a very confused state where music composers and lyricists need both strong conviction in themselves and aesthetics and happily Rathod exhibits that in the fresh Sunali-rendered Zeher ya nasha hai, well-worded by Shakeel Azmi. Mila bhi nahin is different too, but lacks lasting appeal. A strong L-P flavour pervades the album, diluted by the overcrowded arrangements, but that is more of a bane - as Roop's own leitmotif is missing for the first time in a Rathod soundtrack. On the other hand, Sunali has never sounded better in any of their albums, especially in Ab tujhe humse milna.


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