Classical Melodies

Rajkumar Bharathi

Violin Player
Usha Rajagopalan
Mridangam Player
Prapancham S Ravindran

About this album

Grandson of Bharathiar, the fiery poet and musician of the south, it is but natural that Rajkumar took to music and started learning at a very tender age. Endowed with a rich, vibrant voice, graceful rendition, he brings out a rich crop of gamakas and embellishments in his renditions.

In this album Rajkumar has chosen various popular compositions. His 'Ninna Naa' in Raag Kalyani is splendid and his elaborate raag alaap and intricate swara patterns bring out his versatility and understanding of the raga.

He is accompanied by Usha Rajagopalan on Violin and Prapancham Ravindran on Mridangam.


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