Sweet Romance

Rahul Sharma


About this album

Sweet Romance - a poet's journey in the realm of love and romance, conveyed through his musical medium of Santoor, by Rahul Sharma. This entire creation is a thematic reverie, Rahul's own conception, vision and composition.

Rahul Sharma, born in September 1972, is the younger son of the Santoor Maestro, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. At the age of twelve years, Rahul started learning Santoor along with training in vocal music and percussion (tabla) from his father. He is the youngest disciple of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and is still undergoing extensive training under his father. He played his debut concert in Oslo in 1996 at the International Music Festival. Since 1997, he has toured extensively in USA, Europe and India, where he teams up with his father, and over the past year or so, he has been giving and recording solo performances.

Rahul has an inherent talent as a composer and has previously assisted his father in compositions of music for films such as Chandani, Lamhe and various other albums of specially composed (thematic) music.

At a relatively young age he has composed this impressive thematic work of music, based on a vision of young love and romance. Much as a poet such an imagination to words, Rahul has portrayed his imagination through musical notes. It is something that would appeal to all ages, particularly to those who are youthful in mind and spirit.


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