Dawn Blues

Rahul Sharma

Tabla Player
Shafaat Ahmed Khan (Ustad)

About this album

Rahul Sharma son of Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is an outstanding product of India's principles of the guru-shishya parampara where learning was preferred to be handed down along bloodlines. The talents for assimilation higher levels of mental skills and a sense of aesthetics required in the arts greatly enhanced by the powers of heredity. Rahul Sharma has proved a befitting son to a great father.

He has imbibed all the unique qualities of his father's music and technique. He has a gift for rhythm like his guru. In the semi-classical pieces, Rahul reveals a novel set of ideations, crisp and modern. Rahul Sharma presents an extensive portrayal of the raaga Bhoopali Todi. This is an intensely melancholic soft and dark morning melody. Impressions of pensiveness, pining, aloneness in the midst of dark, expansive spaces are created.

Rahul Sharma follows up with an exquisite light music piece in Mishra Bhairavi.

The notes employed in Bhoopali odi are Sa, Komal ga, Pa, Komal Dha. The intense pathos comes from Re, the darkness from Ga and the expression of 'Pukaar' from Dha. The Ga Pa and the Dha Sangats create the picture of darkened expanses.


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