Giridhara Gopala

Priya Sisters

About this album

The priya sisters, Haripriya and Shanmukhapriya, are the two of the most sought after singers of Carnatic music. They hail from Hyderabad. A programme of Priya sisters is mostly fast paced without a dull moment. Though young, their planning is very
meticulous and the delivery is also perfect. There is always a good measure of kalpanaswaram in their singing. Their swaraprastha that is racy keeps the audience waiting for a beautiful presentation of the raga.

The heavy long and brisk light phrases are evenly combined and a complete portrait of the ragas is painted very beautifully. They choose their songs with descriptive neravals. Extensive swaras are dealt with a varying pattern. Without putting in any extra effort, music just flows easily to them in cascades.

The Priya sisters were trained by their father Subbaram VV who was also a musician and later by the Kalaimamanis Radha and Jayalakshmi, again a duo and a very famous one. They follow the popular style of later Balasubramaniam GN as per the desire
of their father. They got trained in the GNB School of music. They also learnt from Subramaniam TR. When they came to Madras, they were put under the tutelage of Radha-Jayalakshmi. Since they started learning together, they started singing together.

They have performed in more than 900 concerts. They received the Best Female Vocalists award from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha and the Indian Fine Arts Studio. They have toured many countries including the US and other cities in North America.

They are full time musicians and have always planned their kutcheris well and rehearsed for them too. Their concerts are well formatted; in such that they decide which ragam they should be presented. Their renditions depend on the mood of the audiences too. The sisters have a perfect rapport and coordination, so there has never been a problem in their concerts. Be it a concert schedule or the costume, they decide in a jiffy because they claim to have similar likes and tastes. Often rasikas are even curious as to how they go about singing together. They have also released a number of commercial CD's and cassettes.


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