Sur Sagar

Pravin Godkhindi

Tabla Player
Key Board

About this album

These are tunes you have heard and loved. Pravin infuses them with the beauty of classical expression. Short popular melodies find space through his music, and become expensive narratives. He plays in the
concert style, absorbing everyday tunes into his own imaginative world, and highlighting the classical overtones in them. You find ragas like Megh, Yaman, Darbari and Bhoop now dazzling you with their regal classicism, and suddenly changing colour to reveal
their popular and folksy liveliness.

Pravin's soft essays get the stylish support of Shabbir's keyboard, Madhusudan's Tabla and Arun Sukumar's rhythm box. Pravin Godkhindi learnt under his father Pandit Ventakesh Godkhindi, and plays classical music on the concert stage. He has played fusion with masters like Kadri Gopalnath and Louis Banks. Pravin regularly composes and arranges studio music, and has to his credit several popular recordings, including the fusion album Raag Rang.

Megh - A Melody associated with the rain, it teases out the yearnings of the heart.

Yaman - Pravin plays this evening melody as a duet, using a low-pitched flute and a high-pitched flute on parallel tracks.

Mian Ki Malhar - Evokes the gathering of clouds, thunder, lightning and the showers, all on a deep rumble of drum and Pakhawaj beats.

Bhairavi - A lover's melody that gives voice to the pangs of separation.

Ahir Bhairav - The raga traverses the slow and medium speeds, expressing love and longing.

Pahadi - Pravin plays a mountain air full of cheer.

Darbari - A dance rhythm energises this stately raga.

Bhoop - Known for its serene appeal, the raga here depicts the exuberant flight of birds.


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