Peepli Live (2010)


About this album

Here's a score that will be truly highlighted only after the film's release. But the merits are high even if, uniquely, none of the four tracks are especially composed for the film.

The standout track is undoubtedly Indian Ocean's Zindagi se darte ho (the lyrics by Noon Meem Rashed stand out). Ranking almost on par is the brilliant Mehengai daayan, sung by Raghubir Yadav along with the Bhadwai Village Mandali that has originally written and composed this folk number.

Indian Ocean's Des mera is a tried-and-tested hit, and the add-on lyrics by Swanand Kirkire are merely to fit it more into the film's context. Finally Chola maati ke Ram, sung and composed by Nageen Tanvir, has a quaint tenor and beat and its traditional lyrics by Gangaram Saket round off a charmer of a song.

A refreshing score by its sheer concept, Peepli is worth a listen - and many more.


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