The Ravi Shankar Collection - In New York (1968)

Pandit Ravi Shankar

Tambura Player
Shyam But Nagar
Tabla Player
Alla Rakha

About this album

Raga Bairagi
A morning raga created by Ravi Shankar, which has become quite popular. Pentatonic scale uses flated second and seventh with no third and no sixth. Gat in rupaktal (seven beats).

Raga Bhairavi
A morning raga - originally of Carnatic origin. Uses flated third, sixth and seventh. Gat in slow and medium teental (16 beats).

Raga Marwa
An evening raga with flated second (little sharper) and augmented fourth. Alap, Jor and gat in medium and fast teental (16 beats).


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