MS Sheela Vocal

MS. Sheela

Violin Player
Meera Sivarama Krishnan
Ghatam Player
Nagaraja Rao
Mridangam Player
Neyveli Narayanan

About this album

M.S.Sheela, the Karnataka based vocalist of classical Carnatic music was initiated into this art form by her mother M.N.Ratna. She has had the unique privilege of having advanced guidance from Vidwan R.K.Srikantan whose reputation is such that it does not warrant repetition. Sheela grew up in an enviable ambience of Carnatic music and with proven dedication has become a much sought after musician.

Her mellifluous, sruti aligned voice coupled with an inherent sensitivity to laya and her ability in rendering pallavis in intricate formats and talams are the positive features of her art. She has received many awards and titles in recognition of her contribution to Carnatic music. She is a top-ranking artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan. This album of hers with krithis of various composers is something that everyone should possess.


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