Raagaanga Ravali Vol 2

M. Balamuralikrishna

Mridangam Player
Thiruvarur Bhakthavathsalam
Ghatam Player
Sundaram P
Violin Player
Kanyakumari A

About this album

The multi faceted genius Dr Balamuralikrishna performed his debut vocal concert at a tender age of 8 in the year 1938, and since then he is one of the most sought-after musicians. His pronunciation of lyrics with a clear diction, strict adherence to sruthi and Layam, well cultured voice with a soothing melody, abundance in creativity and spontaneity are needed the unique qualities imbibed in him. Though he is popularly known as a vocalist, he is also proficient in playing many musical instruments like violin, viola, mridangam, kanjira etc.

He has authored several books on music, composed over 300 compositions and has introduced new ragas too. Awards and titles conferred upon this versatile artiste are innumerable, to mention a few: Padhmavibushan, Honorary Doctorate, Sangeetha
Kalanidhi and Sangeetha Natak Acadamy Award. Besides being a stalwart in classical music, he is also a noted semi-classical and cine playback singer. He had scored music to many films, some of which had bagged National and State awards for best music direction.


The name Melakartha is given to a raga, which has 7 notes without omission of any swara in both Arohana and Avarohana. It is also called Parent Raga, Janaka Raga and Raagaanga Raga. These Melakartha Ragas are the foundation of the entire music world. Proficiency in these Ragas guarantees mastery and skill over any kind of music from any part of the
world. Unfortunately not all the 72 Melakartha ragas are popular because of lack of availability of authentic compositions. Although a few in the past have composed songs in all the Melakarthas they have not gained popularity for many reasons.

Realising the importance of correct compositions for the 72 Melakarthas, I started composing songs in these Melakarthas at the age of 14 and completed the compositions by the age of 16. By the age of 20 these compositions gained immense popularity. Now music lovers and musicians are taking interest in learning these songs. It is immensely gratifying to
hear many of them sing these songs enthusiastically. I am glad that the message that the 72 Melakarthas are an indispensible base for the present and future has got across to music lovers.


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