Lets Dance (2009)


About this album

Taare tod ke la (Sunidhi-Vipin Mishra) is the best track in this album with Sunidhi rising over the overdose of digital gimmicks and the unnecessary and cluttered rap - wonder why the few decent compositions we get now are polluted and destroyed by such dubious and completely uncalled-for factors? The lyrics too are decent, but the damage is fatal in terms of the song's enduring popularity. Tumse iqraar (Kirti Sagathia) is a layered composition once again pulled down by too much of tampering with the grooves, beats and add-ons. When will they leave good songs alone after enhancing them rather than assaulting them? The title-song is familiar but not memorable. Music director Vipin Mishra needs to get his priorities right and be himself and not cater to crass trends. Leave the high-pitched screaming to those who do not know better - and concentrate on content rather than 'trendy' (sic) packaging. One sees potential here, potential blurred by the cacophonous demands of contemporary (sic again) styles. And yes, Virag Mishra's lyrics in Koshish koshish are interesting.


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