Mohana Ranjani Vol 3

Lalgudi Jayaraman

Mridangam Player
Trichy Sankaran
Kanjira Player
Violin Player
Krishnan GJR

About this album

Lalgudi G.Jayaraman occupies a unique place among front ranking instrumentalists of India. Both nationally and internationally he is acclaimed as an outstanding violinist of excellent merit. His knowledge in the theory of Carnatic music and his exquisite handling of the nuances of the techniques, bringing out the rendering very close to resemble the style of vocal singing have earned him ovations from his admirers all over the globe. His specialization in aspects of laya, he is lively solo concerts, his expertise as a sideman to most of the senior musicians of then and now, are some of the high points of his excellent musical career.

1. The moving lyric of Gopalakrishna Bharathi
'Sabhapathiku' (Abhogi - Rupakam) on Lord Siva Nataraja addressed as Sabhapathi (Lord of the Hall) contains the deep devotional feelings of the devotee towards the deity who is glorified as the matchless ocean of mercy not to be found on this earth.

2. The elaboration (Alaapana) of a raga, namely Sankarabharanam, flows through this space by the exquisite handling of the veteran player.

3. Saint Thyagaraja in this kriti 'Eduta Nilichite' (Sankarabharanam - Adi) in great agony questions the Lord's indifference towards him, having fully known the devotee's plight.

4. Papanasam Sivan's kriti 'Karpagame' (Madhyamavati - Adi) is an outpour of deep devotion and longing of the devotee who begs at his favorite deity Goddess Kalpakamba at Mylapore to cast Her merciful glance.

5. Arunagininatha's Tiruppugazh (Amir Kalyani - Khanda Chapu) marks a lively conclusion to this album.


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