Naada Sambhrama

Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan

Kanjira Player
Mridangam Players
Ganapathy M, Mohana Raman KN, Subramanya T
Flute Players
Balasai, Radhakrishna
Sitar Player
Shashi Acharya
Tabla Players
Chinna Prasad, Sathyanarayana
Violin Players
Krishnamurthy, Ratnam
Ghatam Player
Kalyana Raman
Veena Players
Devi AK, Revathi Shankaran
Key Boards
Murugananadam, Shyam
Tambura Player
Rajamani SMS

About this album

In this specially commissioned album, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan leads an orchestra of talented musicians to take a fresh look at familiar classics. As the wizard of the violin plays these time-honored pieces, a veena, a flute and a violin ensemble join in to enrich their texture. Western drums join Indian percussion to make surprise contributions to the festive mood.

This album gives you nine gems, including Thyagaraja classics like Bhavanuta, Nagumomu and Nadaloludai, the all-time favorite invocation Vatapi ganapatim bhaje, and the march-like, exhilarating Raghuvamsa suta.

Vatapi Ganapatim Bhaje - Salute to Ganesh, Muthuswami Dikshitar, Raga Hamsadhwani, Tala Adi
South India's favorite invocation of India's favorite god, Vatapi lists Ganesha's attributes and salutes him through Dikshitar's stylized syncopation.

Bantu Reeti - Plea to Rama, Thyagaraja, Raga Hamsanada, Tala Adi
Raga Hamsanada is not very frequently sung on the concert stage, but Thyagaraja has immortalized it in this widely known composition. Give me a chance to be your servant, the saint-composer pleads with his favorite god Rama.

Bhavanutha - Heart's repose, Thyagarja, Raga Mohana, Tala Adi
Come play in my heart to ease your fatigue, Thyagaraja sings to his god in Mohana, a raga famed for its pleasant beauty.

Rama Neeve - No one but you, Thyagaraja, Raga Narayani, Tala Adi
Who else but you can be my savior, Thyagaraja says to Rama, the charming god with the 'sun and moon for eyes'.

Nagumomu - Smiling face, Thyagaraja, Raga Abheri, Tala Adi
Raga Abheri, an ancient melody now beloved of film music composers, finds its contours defined in this Thyagaraja favorite. I am bereft of joy, let me see your smiling face, Thyagaraja pleads with Rama.

Raghuvamsa Suta - Glory of the sun king, Patnam Subramanya Iyer, Raga Kadanakuthoohala, Tala Adi
Fast-paced and full staccato power, this is another tribute to Rama, the 'scion of the sun race'.

Nadaloludai - Path to ecstasy, Thyagaraja, Raga Kalyana Vasantha, Tala Rupaka
Listen to music, and you've found your path to divine ecstasy. That's the saint's advice to humans caught in the misery of the mundane world.

Brahmam Okate - Divine unity, Annamacharya, Raga Bhowli, Tala Adi
Annamacharya, the saint who sang to the lord of Tirupati, describes the oneness of divinity in a raga that evokes the tender rays of dawn.

Bhagyada Lakshmi - Radiance of fortune, Purandara Das, Raga Sri, Tala Adi
This jewel, by one of India's greatest saint-poets, is over 400 years old, but its brilliance remains undimmed to this day. Sung in most south Indian homes, it is a lyrical invitation to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, to step gently into the homes of the noble-hearted.


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