Kasaravalli Twin Sisters

Kasaravalli Sisters

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About this album

Roopa B. Rao and Deepa B. Rao popularly known as Kasaravalli sisters are the daughters of Dr. K.S. Bhaskar Rao, Shimogga. They had their training under K.G. Ramaswamy and Srimathi, Seethalakshmi Venkateshan. Intensive training of seven years in classical music and two years in light music has made them glow in the field of Carnatic. They have performed several concerts in almost all places in and around India. Rightfully awarded as higher-grade artistes of AIR and TV, Banglore they are expected to go a long and successful way in the field of Indian Classical.

1. The first song is 'Brochevarevare' (Sriranjani - Adi) composed by Thyagaraja. He has realised that Lord Rama is everywhere as he is residing in his heart. He is ready to follow him, but he expects Lord Rama to show the right path to reach Him.

2. The next song is 'Saranam Vijayasaraswathi' (Vijayasaraswathi - Adi). The composer Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar praises Lord Saraswathi as the bestower of boons and she is the goddess for arts.

3. Yet another Thyagaraja krithi 'Vandanamu' (Sahana - Adi) follows as the next piece. Thyagaraja questions Lord Rama that, is it the effect of his sin that He is not showering the grace upon him.

4. 'Bhajare Manasa' (Abheri - Adi) by Mysore Vasudevacharya is the next krithi in this side.

5. The beginning song is 'Nidhi Tsala' (Kalyani - Misrachapu) is composed by Thyagaraja. He explains that no other god is superior than Lord Rama. Further he says one who listens to the history of Rama, can neutralize all his sins and obtain the grace of Lakshmi and Saraswathi - the Goddess of wealth and learning respectively.

6. Purandaradasa, the saint composer, an ardent devotee of Lord Mahavishnu has composed large number of krithis in Kannada language. The next rendition 'Ariyaru Maniyaru' (Bhairavi - Adi) is also one among them.

7. 'Raghuvara Tumko' (Basant - Adi), a melodious bhajan which will create an eternal feeling to the listeners is the concluding piece in this album.


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