Jagruthi An Awakening

Jayanthi R

Violin Player
Bombay B Gayathri
Flute Player
Ghatam Player
Ramani SV
Mridangam Player
Arjun Kumar

About this album

Veena has always been the fountainhead of classical Music. Pure Music from the Veena has been described as a source of transcendental joy.

Saraswathi Veena gets interwoven with strains of the bamboo flute and harmony of the violin. Jagruthi is a bundle of surprises with the Harp coming in now and then like spurt of waterfalls. The mellifluous human voice features occasionally like gentle ripples in an ever-flowing river: redefining the theme of the divine Veena with apt lyrics. That's not all. The rhythmic 'konnakal' that comes in at the most unexpected of times gives a totally different and exciting dimension to the Veena Music.

The growing glory of the album is the joint presentation of the Sri Rudhram with Veena. 'Shiv sthuthi' is one of the most remarkable items in this album. The choice of songs covers a panorama of composers providing variety and classicism, tradition and innovation.


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