Upacharamu And Other Krithis

Hyderabad Sisters

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About this album

The Hyderabad Sisters Lalitha and Haripriya, who have had disciplined training in the art form of Carnatic music, having given to the 'genre' of tandem singing refreshing, welcome dimensions. Their immaculate concert presentations that are marked
by melody and musical maturity, have deservedly earned fulsome appreciation from discerning music lovers.

1. 'Sarasuda' (Saveri - Adi), a popular time honored Varnam, is composed by Kothavasal Venkatrama Iyer.

2. Muthuswamy Dikshitar, the youngest of the musical Trinity of South India, was a composer non-peril. His 'Govardhana Girisam' (Hindolam - Rupakam) is a winning composition in praise of Lord Krishna, who killed the haughty Kamsa.

3. Thyagaraja's devotion to his favorite deity Lord Rama was legendary. In this kriti 'Rama Ninnu Nammina' (Mohanam - Adi), he says that for those who surrender themselves to the Lord are sure of salvation and liberation of the soul.

4. Gambeeravani is a rare raga, which is a derivative of the 30th Melakarta naganandini. Thyagaraja, the saint poet of Thiruvaiyaru, has composed
'Sadamathim' in this winsome raga, in praise of Lord Sadasiva, the divine spouse of Devi Parvathi.

5. Patnam Subramania Iyer was a prolific composer whose songs in Telugu and Sanskrit compared so favorably with Thyagaraja's that he came to be known as 'Chinna Thyagaraja'. In is 'Aparadhamulanu' (Lathangi - Adi), he begs the Lord's forgiveness for
the sins he may have unknowingly committed in his lifetime.

6. Annamacharya, a God realized soul, was a poet par excellence. His songs mostly on the Lord of the Seven Hills, Venkateswara, range from folklore to the classical genre. They are saturated with deep devotion and spirituality. 'Aakativelala' (Misra Jog - Adi) is an elegant composition that has a pleasing aural impact.

7. Thyagaraja's 'Upacharamu' (Bhairavi - Adi) requests the Lord of Devi Janaki to accept the composer's obeisance and service graciously.

8. Ramanathapuram Srinivasa Iyengar (1860 - 1919) was a prime disciple of the legendary Patnam Subramania Iyer. His numerous compositions include Varnams, Kritis, Javalis and Thillanas. The 'Thillana' (Poornachandrika - Adi), much favored by artistes, creates an ambiences of joy and cheer.


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