Thyagarajas Pancharatna Krithis

Hyderabad Brothers

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About this album

Raman BV And Lakshmanan BV, disciples of late Tiger K. Varadachariar, are the twins of late Subramania Iyer BV, Rtd. Deputy Collector and Assistant Diwan of Parlamkimedi. They have completed the Degree Course (Music) at Annamalai University under the tutelage of their guru Tiger Varadachariar and had further training also. They have given public concerts in all major cities in their career spanning two decades.

1. The album opens up with the well-known krithi 'Sri Ganapathinee' (Saurastram - Adi), in praise of Lord Ganesa.

2. 'Jagadananda Karaka' (Nattai - Adi), is full of various glorious attributes addressed to Lord Rama and manifestations of Vishnu.

3. 'Dadu Gugula' (Gowla - Adi), dwells on the composer's lamentations about his own self for having wasted his life, searching for materialistic aspects instead of realizing the value of Nama Mahtmya (the fame of the name), of the all pervading Supreme.

4. 'Saadhinchene' (Aarabhi - Adi), reveals the various sports of the Lord Supreme as Ranganatha, Krishna, and the beloved of Gopis who succeeded in achieving tactfully the avoidance of this Bhaktha, as Thyagaraja expresses his anguish over the testing of the devotee by the Supreme Rama.

5. The ardent devotpn of Thyagaraja for Lord Rama comes out in full force in his composition 'Kanakana Ruchira' (Varali - Adi), describing the form and beauty of the Lord and joy of the devotees at having the Darsana or the vision of the deity, which is considered as sweet pleasure.

6. In 'Endaro Mahanubhavulu' (Sree - Adi), Thyagaraja pays his salutations to all those who are fortunate through so many ways of worshipping Lord Rama, either involved in Bhaktimarga, Sangeetha or meditation and so on.

7. 'O Rangasaayi' (Kambhoji - Adi), is addressed to Lord Ranganatha at Arirangam. The composer asks the Lord as to why should He not come to the devotee when requested. If He forgets in the joyful company of Goddess Laxmi, and thinks that this earth is Vaikuntam, when are the worries of the devotees going end? 'Living amidst envious people who cannot tolerate other's prosperity has created enough sufferings' laments Thyagaraj's wishing to have the mercy of the Supreme on himself.

The five gems of compositions known as Pancharatna Krithis of Thyagaraja explains the mind of the saint which dwells on various angled of envisaging the aspects of Rama Bhakti Samrajya and convey the message of total submission at the Lord's feet.


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