Swara Stuti

Hemang Mehta

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Praveen Karkare
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Vasudev Rizbud

About this album

Hemang Mehta, an accomplished classical Hindustani Vocalist, hails from the Mewati Gharana, which specializes in the lyrical gayaki mode. Hemang has been profoundly inspired by the renewed maestro, Padmavibhushan Shri Pandit Jasrajji and has received intensive training from his senior disciple, Shri Chandrasekhar Swamy.

Hemang excels in the high watermarks of the Mewati Gharana such as, "Meend", "Layakari", "Kan-gayaki" and proper "Bandish" presentation. To Hemang, his ambition to reach the pinnacles of our rich musical heritage has sparked off an undying, endless and untiring state of "Riyaaz" Hemang is gifted with a voice that is musical to the core. It's depth and range of his repertoire place Hemang among the finest young Vocalists of India today.

Hemang believes in the time-tested "Guru-Shishya Parampara" and also in innovation within tradition, striking a most appealing balance between intellectual sensitivity and aesthetic creativity, thus making him very emotive and communicative. Hemang has several awards to his credit and is an approved artiste of the All India radio, Mumbai. He has performed to good acclaim at prestigious festivals and organizations widely in India as well as abroad.


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