Gayathri S

S. Gayathri

Violin Player
Varadarajan S
Ghatam Player
Mridangam Player
Poonkulam Subramaniam

About this album

Gayathri S is one of the bright and aspiring young musicians in forefront with a rich melodious voice. Her training with senior musicians like Vaigal Gnanskandan has enriched her musical experience, resulting in fine fusion of melody and harmony.

1. 'Vaathapi' (Hamsadhwani - Adi) is in praise of Vathapi Ganesh of Thiruvarur temple where the Lord of the Ganas and the Lord of the five elements (air, water, earth and the sky) is prayed upon to grant the wishes of the devotee.

2. 'Needaya Radha' (Vasanthabhairavi - Rupakam) is a heart-rending plea to the scion of the solar race to show compassion and mercy on the devotees, who ceaselessly sing the praises of the Lord and seek his refuge.

3. 'Kanukontini' (Bilahari - Adi) is sung rapturously by Thyagaraja after being blessed with the darshan of Sri Rama with his consort Sita Devi and brothers Bharatha, Lakshmana and Shatrugna and Anjeneya son of Vayu.

4. 'Marivere' (Anandabhairavi - Chapu) is a composition of Shyama Sastri.

5. 'Sehachala Nayakam' (Varali - Rupakam) is a kriti in praise of Venkateswara of Tirupathi who is worshipped and revered by Gods like Brahma, Indra and other celestial beings.

6. 'Nanda Gopala' (Yamunakalyani - Rupakam) is a Dikshitar krithi where Lord Krishna surrounded by the gopis on the banks of the river Yamuna is adored and praised by his various names.

7. 'Rama Rama' (Chenchurutti - Rupakam) is a krithi by saint Thyagaraja where he appeals to Lord Sita Rama to hear to his plea and take him in His fold.


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