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Ganpati Bhat

About this album

Ganapati Bhat is a talented of disciple of Pandit Basavaraj Rajguru, the Maestro from Dharwar whose musical achievements had drawn inspiration from the Kirana, Gwalior and Patiala Gharana. Ganapati Bhat who has had hi graduation in English is a Sitar artiste, who was attracted to vocal music by the magnetic charm of Basvaraj guru's music. It was then but a short step to become the worthy sishya of such an illustrious Guru.

He is a graded artiste of All India Radio giving regular programmers. His big moment was his successful performance at the Sawai Punyathithi Function in Pune, which firmly and truly established his credentials as torchbearer of an inspired musical heritage. Ganapati Bhat has also the unique privilege of having the guidance of Pandit C.R.Vyas. This audiocassette of Hindustani classical by the artiste is proof that his art is not just a veneer but a matter of deep substance.

His beautiful delineations of Gurjari Thodi and Madhukauns with immaculate sruti unison makes the music transcend itself. The quality of excellence in his music is not just in the content, but also in the aftermath, there is an tangible evidence that connoisseurs will hear much more of Ganapati Bhat in future.


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