Carnatic Classical

E. Gayathri

Mridangam Player
Thiruvarur Vaidyanathan
Ghatam Player
Subash Chandran TH

About this album

Gayathri E, a born genius and a child prodigy plays veena from the age of seven and created a mark in the annals of Carnatic music history. Her scintillating exposition of ragas on this ancient string instrument is unmatched. She learnt veena playing from her father Aswathama, a film music director of the past, and had further training under Sangeetha Kalanidhi
Gopalakrishnanan MS and Thyagarajan TM. Gayathri is a recipient of many honors and laurels. She has rendered many recitals in Indian and abroad. This album consists of Bhajans of Tulsi Das, Meera Bai and Kabir Das and two Bhajans, which are traditionally sung.

1. The album begins with the varnam 'Sami Idi Velakadu' of Patnam Subramanya Iyer.

2. The second number is 'Thulasidala' (Mayamalavagowla - Rupakam) in which the composer Thyagaraja proclaims that he shall ever be worshipping with joy Rama, the transcendental Lord, the personification of righteousness, the prince of Ayodhya, with tender Tulasi leaves and flowers like punnaga, champaka etc.

3. The succeeding number 'Seve Srikantham' (Mohana Kalyani - Adi) is a beautiful composition of Swati Tirunal.

4. This is followed by the krithi 'Idi Nyayama' (Malavi - Adi) in which the composer Patnam Subramanya Iyer pleads to the Lord for justice.

5. The next is a Dikshitar krithi, namely 'Sri Parthasarathy' (Suddha Dhanyasi - Rupakam), in praise of Lord Krishna presiding in the Thiruvallikeni Kshetra. It is said that He intoxicates the minds of the damsels through the sweet music of His flute and is capable of removing the afflictions caused by worldly life.

6. This side begins with the krithi 'Kavana' (Varali - Adi), of Papanasam Sivan, addressed to Lord Muruga, wherein the composer pleads to Him to condescend and protect him.

7. The succeeding number 'Radha Mukha Kamalam' (Kapi - Adi) is a Sanskrit song of Papanasam Sivan, praising the traits of Lord Sri Krishna.

8. This is followed by the Annamacharya krithi 'Deva Devam Bhaje' (Hindolam - Kanda Chapu)

9. The album concludes with the Tarangam of Narayana Theertha namely, 'Charanam Bhava' (Arabhi - Adi)


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