Milestones Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar

Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar

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One of the foremost of Carnatic vocalists, Sangita Kalanidhi Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar is known for his solid, resounding voice with which he captured the audience in his own inimitable way of concert patterns.

1. Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar's kriti 'Sri Maha Ganapati' in Gowla Raga, refers to Lord Ganesa enshrined at the temple on the banks of the famous Kamalalaya tank at the holy place of Tiruvarur. Also in this kriti, Dikshitar refers to the episode of this Lord presenting Himself to prove the quality of the gold on behalf of Sri Sudaramurti Swami by which this Lord came to be known as 'Maaththu Uraiththa Pillayar' (who tested the quality of the gold), which is mentioned as 'Suvarna Aakarshana Vighnaraja'. The composer seeks protection with this Lord who 'acts as the boat to cross over the ocean of life'.

2. Sri Thyagaraja's kriti 'Raghuvara Nannu' in Pantuvarali expresses utter submission, devotion and trust of the composer to Lord Rama; He declares his inability to bear the forgetting of this devotee by Lord Rama.

3. Sri Lalita Das (Sri T.G.Krishna Iyer) is a contemporary composer with more than a hundred compositions in Tamil, Telugu and Sanskrit to his credit, mostly in praise of Devi and on other deities. His composition 'Varijadala Lochani' in Aarabhi Raga and Adi Tala is addressed to the lotus-eyed Goddess, who resides in the holy Sri Chakra, and known with different names like Kamakshi, Sankari, Kamajanaka Sahodari etc.

4. 'Ennil Kaninda' is set to Raga Sankarabharanam and Tala Adi, a composition of Sri Lalita Dasa who salutes to the Grace and Mercy of Goddess Lalithamba. He worships Her lotus feet, the Divine chant on Devi, and 'Kataaksha' or 'Kind Glance' of the
Divine Mother, who is the very soul of every being.

5. In the form of a Nindaa Stuti of scornful praise, the composer, Sri Papavinasa Mudaliyar of Tiruvarur, addresses the Lord of Dance, Siva-Nataraja in the composition 'Nadamadi Tirinda' in Kambhoji Raga and Khanda Chapu Tala.

6. Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathi, a composer of 19th century, is the author of the well-known musical work. Sri Nandanar Charitham, based on the story of Nandan, an ardent devotee of Siva-Nataraja, also known as 'Tirunalaippovaar'. 'Arukkuththaan
Ponnambalan' in Bhairavi Raga and Adi tala narrates the words of the Brahmin landlord who explains to Nandan about the greatness of the grace of Siva, which stands above all other benefits arising out of materialistic belonging in the life of a human being.

7. 'Paavana Guru Pavanapuraadheesam Aasraye' is addressed to Lord Guruvayoorappan (Sri Krishna) at the holy place of Guruvayur, seeking refuge at the feet of the Lord. This composition is by Sri Lalitha Dasa, in Raga Hamsanandi and Tala Rupakam.

8. This musical rendering concludes with a verse on Lord Rama, sung in Ragamalika.


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