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Chandrasekharan M


About this album

For more than fifty years now, the musical firmament of India has been shining with the presence of a man who, inspite of all the hurdles that life can pose, has been regaling the lovers of Classical music with the astounding notes that can be produced only and only through the will of a musician par excellence.

Charubala Mohan, a musician, found that her darling child had lost his sight by the age of two. But, the musical aptitude of the child indicated the direction in which she should mould the future of her son Chandrasekaran M. Born on December 11, 1937 at Calcutta, Chandrasekaran started learning music under his mother. For Chandrasekaran, she has been not only a mother, but also his Guru and God. The mention of her name brings tears of remembrance and loving gratitude in his eyes.

He learnt violin solely under her. He later continued his vocal music education under the tutelage of Mannargudi Sri Sambasiva Bhagavathar, Kumbakonam Viswanathan Iyer and Sri Vidyala Narasimhulu Naidu. His teachers found that his mellifluous voice had depth and resonance. He made his debut in 1949 at the most befitting venue of Thyagaraja Vidwat Samajam. In 1950, he won the prize for the best violinist from the Music Academy, Chennai. Chandrasekaran soon became an accomplished violinist (and a vocalist). He is well known for singing verses of keerthanas, while rendering violin solo.

Chandrasekaran is also an excellent accompanist eagerly sought after by vocalists as his paly blends with theirs and flows in rich unison. Violin maestro knows the value of literature and its expressions. He can bring all nuances and beauty in his violin and make the listeners visualize the Lord of melody dancing in front of him. he is an expert in the aspects of rhythm too. He has accompanied many a veteran over the years, his style of accompaniment being unobtrusive to the main artiste. His 'alapanas' stand out for their crispness and brevity - one masterstroke of his bow and the melody dazzles the audience.

His notes are always complementary and he plays his role faithfully without ever overriding the main artiste. he has accompanied the stalwarts of Carnatic music like Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer, Balasubramaniam GN, Madurai Mani Iyer and practically all the present senior greats. He feels that playing accompaniment helps to improve the violinist's knowledge as he or she is exposed to the talent and skill of different artists.

Sri Chandrasekaran is a accomplished composer too. Sri Chandrasekaran has composed many 'Varnams' and 'kirtans' in rare ragas like Saraswathi, Manohari and Maalavi, in varied talas. His mastery in this field is unquestioned.

He is also known to take immense pleasure is fostering the young generation in music. His relationship with them is marked by affection, warmth and informality. He has many accomplished students, some of them leading artists in their own right, such as Kanyakumari, Sridhar SD, Madurai Balasubramaniam, his own daughter Bharathi, and many more. Chandrasekaran founded the 'Charubala Mohan Trust' in 1998. The Trust organizes concerts for good artists who are not able to get adequate opportunities. Every year the Trust also confers titles on talented artistes.

Recognition and honours have been prompt in his case. He was honoured with the prestigious Sangeet Natak Acadamy Award (1986) by the Govt. of India. He has been honoured by the Rotary Club for thre years. He was conferred with the host of titles. Vadhya Ratnakara by Vasar College, USA (1975), Sangita Choodamani by Krishna Gana Sabha (1981), Violin Everest, Sangeet Ratna, Violin Kalanidhi and many more. Year 1999 marked the golden jubilee of violin vidwan Chandrasekaran's service to music.

He is not only a great musician but also a great human being..sincere, humble and compassionate. His great qualities clearly shine out in his music, which adorns this album.


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