Chandrasekaran M & Kum Bharathi

Chandrasekaran M, Kum Bharathi

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About this album

Sri Chandrasekaran M is hailed as one of the foremost violinist in the field of Carnatic music; he is admired as a perfect accompanist as well as an exquisite soloist. Melody and virtuosity mark the style of Chandrasekaran, who enjoys a great reputation as a senior violinist with excellent mastery over instrument.

This volume contains a collection of five songs on one side and an elaborated segment of Ragam Tanam Pallavi, along with two more lively pieces on the other; the artiste is accompanied by Bharathi, daughter and senior disciple of Chandrasekaran M, who is a worthy follower of her father's artistic heritage in her own right.

1. Mysore Vasudevacharya, a well-known contemporary composer, is known for his exquisite compositions in simple lucid Sanskrit. 'Pranamamyaham' (Gowla - Adi) praises the son of Goddess Gowri-Devi, the foremost of the Gods, who is worshipped by all celestial beings and divinities.

2. Saint Thyagaraja's krithi 'Gana Murthe' (Ganamurthi - Adi) describes Lord Krishna as the very embodiment of the song that He plays from His divine flute. The varied glories of the Lord as the saviour of the meek, as one who put an end to the life of the demon Naraka and worshipped by Thyagaraja, are dwelt upon in the composition.

3. 'Bhajana Seyave O Manasa' (Kedaram - Rupakam) is addressed to the Lord of Panchanadapura or Thiruvaiyaru, where Lord Siva is known as Sri Panchanadeesa. The composer, Aanaiya, whose compositions are devotional gems, emphasises the need to control one's mind from getting distorted by treacherous bonds, and applying the methods of meditation and penance to achieve the grace of the Lord. The signature of the composer is Uma Dasa.

4. 'Eppo Varuvaro' (jonpuri - Adi) is a number from the well-known musical opera Nandanar Charitam by Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathi. The devotee's deep longing for the arrival of Lord of Thillai (Chidambaram) Siva-Nataraja to pacify his agony and shower His grace, forms the content of this moving composition.

5. Guhan's composition 'Kandan Karunai' (Bhimplas - Adi), movingly portrays Lord Muruga, also known as Kanda (Skanda), as the embodiment of kindness.

6. The second side opens up with a Ragam Thanam Pallavi segment se in Shanmukhapriya raga and Khanda Jati and Triputa tala; the swara section of the Pallavi is in Ragamalika.

7. A rhythmical notation, popularly known as the English Note is the next number.

8. Saint composer Sri Purandara Dasa hails Goddess Lakshmi as Mother Supreme and requests Her to grace the abode of Her devotee with all Her splendor, auspiciousness and fortune in 'Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma' (Madhyamavathi - Adi).


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