Live at The Music Academy Dec 2000 Vol 2

Bombay Sisters

Violin Player
Usha Rajagopalan
Ghatam Player
Tanjore N Govindarajan
Purvi Kalyani
Mridangam Player
Arjun Kumar

About this album

C. Lalitha and C. Saroja, popularly known as Bombay Sisters, are one of the famous female duo vocalists of Carnatic music. They are capable of singing any kind of song, whether it is a heavy composition of the Trinity or light numbers of the present day composers. Their style of singing raga alapanas, niraval, swaras and virutham is splendid.

They have set their own pattern, which is accepted and acclaimed by the classes and the masses. They pronounce the lyrics of the songs of any language they sing, with apt accent and convey the meaning through their highly sensitive musical expressions. Their concerts are complete and presentable with all aspects in right proportion. A rare unique and salient feature in the music of Bombay Sisters is the perfect unison of their voices.


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