Gaan Doriyay



About this album

Pooja festivities for any Bengali across the world means celebration, family time, new tidings and of course NEW MUSIC!

Gaan Doriyay (In the Ocean of Music) is Bhoomi's Pooja album this season. Music and words of the album are with the same zeal and exuberance that any BHOOMI fan would easily recognize, however this album provides a fresh perspective with regards to lyrical and thematic content.

Special mention goes to the track 'Durga Mago' which is an appeal to the Goddess to bring in peace on earth after all the bloodshed and violence that it has been marred with in recent times. The track carries the 'pooja' flavor replete with cacophonous drums, and shout-outs. Durga Mago clearly ushers in the pooja atmosphere! There would be a rocking video to the track.

All 8 tracks of the album carry flavours of folk, blues, rock and traditional music. The songs ride on philosophy, nostalgia, nature, travel, etc. Overall a very interesting album with a touch of seasonal festive spirit. Hence with 'Gaan Doriyay' BHOOMI is sure to rock all music lovers with its eclectic bouquet of songs.


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