Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar

Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar

About this album

Sangita Kalanidhi Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar was responsible for causing a major change in the concert pattern of olden days when only few compositions were rendered but with very elaborate raga renderings. Creating a spirit through a new format, by including several compositions of different composers and introducing a medium pace (MaDhyama kala singing) to be adopted in concerts were changes brought about in the performing scene of Carnatic music in the early years by Ariyakkudi. His concerts were marked with a certain vigor and charm that attracted large audiences for this doyen, whose rendering of every raga in essence was greatly admired. Ariyakkudi's contribution to the world of Carnatic music is by composing music for Andal's Tiruppavai and many of Ramanataka Kritis of Arunachala Kavi which are of everlasting value.

1. Thyagaraja's kriti 'Rama Ninne' (Useni), the composer expresses total faith in Lord Rama, who is the very embodiment of grace and compassion.

2. While speaking of the fame of the name of Rama, Thyagaraja questions how people, without tasting the sweetness of the holy name and who have no self-realization, could try to preach to others. The kriti is 'Rama Neeyeda' (Kharaharapriya).

3. In 'Anupama Gunaam Budhi' (Atana), the composer, Thyagaraja expresses his entire faith in Lord Rama, a matchless repository of all good qualities; further he refers to the kindness shown by the Lord to Draupadi and requests Him to uplift this devotee, showing His endless grace.

4. Andal's composition - 'Oruththi Maganaai'(Behag) is from the collection of Tiruppavai. The composition describes the all-pervading Lord Vishnu, who is born as the son of Devaki and brought up by Yasoda in the Gokula.

5. Thyagaraja's kriti 'Alakalalla' (Madhyamavathi), describes the form and beauty of Lord Rama that was enjoyed by the sage Viswamitra when e subjugated Maaricha and when he broke Siva's bow at the direction of the gesture of Viswamitra's eye.

1. Andal's Tiruppavai composition 'Mayanai' (Sri) refers to Lord Krishna as the light of the Yadava kula whom the devotees worship with flowers and in pure mind. All the compositions of Tiruppavai have exquisite musical quality as set by Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar.

2. Thyagaraja in his kriti 'Evarimaata' (Kambhoji), begs Lord Rama to come out for his protection. He says that he thought the all-powerful Supreme Lord is present for ever in the service of devotees who are true, great Bhaktas.

3. 'Vaishnava Janato' (Sindhubhairavi) is the composition of Narsi mehta, the great singer from Gujarat.


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