Ali Akbar Khan

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Tabla Player
Swapan Chaudhuri

About this album

An International figure and almost a household name, Ali Akbar Khan is considered to be a prince among musicians for whom the sarod and the self are identical entities. Few Instrumentalists have enjoyed, as much love and admiration as Ali Akbar Khan and those who have had the good fortune to listen to his best performances have known the unfathomable depth of the raga - image and the sanctity of the tonal patterns in his music. With Ali Akbar Khan, Sarod is not just an instrument, it is a replica of life, vibrating and pulsating - Immortalising all that sound and sense can carry.

Ali Akbar was initiated in music at the age of three by his illustrious father Allauddin Khan (Ustad) who is acknowledged as one of the greatest musicians and teachers of this century in Hindustani Classical Music. From the age of nine Ali Akbar Khan practiced music eighteen hours a day for the next fifteen years learning vocal music, drums and other Indian instruments before concentrating on the sarod. At the age of fourteen he gave his first public performance at Allahabad. While in his early twenties Ali Akbar Khan became the court musician for the Maharaja of Jodhpur.

Allauddin Khan spent his life learning from all possible sources. His life was that of a saint striding after truth. Ali Akbar Khan, the artiste, is endowed with almost all that his father achieved through life-long struggle and endeavor. And so when Ali Akbar Khan strikes his sarod, we get not just a sound or just a note, but the mysterious awakening of eternity
speaking through the garb of a Raga.

Ali Akbar Khan had inherited from his father the immense wealth of Indian music and the remains of Seni Gharana through Wazir Khan (Ustad) of Rampur. But Ali Akbar Khan was a prodigy. He did not just imitate his illustrious father or the raga-designs left for posterity by Wazir Khan. A master composer, Ali Akbar created some original Ragas like Chandranandan, Gauri-Manjari, Lajwanti, Bhoop-Mand, Jogia-Kalengra, and Malayalam etc. His continuously improvised, improving the raga motif, unearthing the inexhaustible source of tonal-patterns and created in his lifetime a legend that generations will remember with respect and admiration.

This album feature two ragas from the maestro-the rare Suha Todi and the sensuous meend-laden Chhayanat.


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