Melodic Therapy

A. Kanyakumari

Mridangam Player
Srimushnam V Raja Rao
Ghatam Player
Subramanian EM
Violin Player
Embar S Kannan
Tabla Player
Ganesh Rao

About this album

Kanyakumari A, the popular Violinist, had her initial training under Ivatturi Vijayeswara Rao and later had the benefit of the guidance of the Violin maestro, Chandrasekaran M. But it was Sangeetha Kalanidhi Vasanthakumari ML who took Kanyakumari into her fold and honed her abundant potential to a considerable extent. Kanyakumari's innovative ideas are amply reflected in her 'Vadhya Lahari' ensemble, which consists of a Violin, Nagaswaram, Flute, Veena and Percussion Instruments.

Her programme with the participation of 25 Violinists in memory of Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu is unique effort, which has also been released in an audio album. She is widely traveled and has carved a special niche for herself in many foreign Countries.

She is the recipient of the Kalaimamani award and an 'A' grade artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan. She is an excellent teacher who is training a number of enthusiastic students. 'Melodic Therapy' is an appropriate title for this volume as all the light classical songs create an extremely soothing musical ambience increasing listening pleasure.


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