Whats Your Raashee (2009)


About this album

The good news first: The score lacks cacophony and Punjabi-pop-fusion influences, which are virtually synonymous today. The score is pleasant and melody-laden and though the lyrics are average and the music suggests a compromise in orchestral ambitions, it still works in totality. Strangely, among the multiple voices used for the 'dozen' Priyanka Chopras, Aslesha Gowariker's tenor (Aa le chal) comes closest to the actor's own. The lead singers Sohail Sen and Tarannum Malik, however, need to open up their vocals and sing deep and not superficially from the throat. Also the score lacks uniformity and some tracks take time to register, though if well-filmed, they will make a mark. Sau janam (Udit-Madhushree-Sohail) leads in substance, while Su chhe su chhe (Bela-Sohail) is the catchiest.


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