Tabla Player
Fazal Qureshi
Sarangi Player
Ustad Sultan Khan

About this album

An interesting concept, "Taleem" captures the process of training and handing over of the tradition and knowledge from the Guru to the disciple. The legendary Tabla maestro of Punjab Gharana (school) Ustad Allarakha recites various compositions, which his son and disciple Fazal repeats on the Tabla, with further spontaneous improvisations. All the salient features of Punjab Gharana are the highlight of the album, which has Kayadas and Peshkar in Jaitaal and Rela in Teentaal. The crescendo of the album is a unique 'Padhant' (oral percussion) in Drut Teentaal where the father and the son engage in a very vibrant, spontaneous rhythmic dialogue.


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