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The sitarist with a rare distinction being hailed as 'the wonder sitarist of India' by critics abroad; Usman Khan is a class by himself. A sitarist who has blended both the 'Gayaki' and 'Tant' angas in an aesthetic manner and who delights in discovering the multiple facets of a raag rather than parading his mastery of the technique of Sitar-playing.

Sitar is a family tradition for Usman Khan. His grandfather Ustad Rehmat Khan from Dharwad was an acclaimed virtuoso of his time. Usman Khan's father Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was the Head of the Faculty of Instrumental Music at the Karnataka University. He initiated Usman Khan in the art of Sitar and began to train him in a very disciplined manner.

Usman Khan made his debut as a concert artist at the age of nine years. The training continued and he gained experience both as a musician and as a performer. Today he has played in every part of India and in foreign countries like U.S.A., Canada, France, Sree Lanka and East Asian countries.

Along with these concerts, his creative urge has prompted him to score music for Bhajans, Ballets and Orchestral compositions. The music scores by him for a Ballet based on Ramayana, produced in Singapore, has won a shower of praise.


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