Twist And Shout Vol 1

About this album

Iconic Popstar Singer Songwriter Taz - Stereo Nation is ready to set the world on fire yet again with his new musical explosion - 'TWIST & SHOUT'!

'Twist & Shout' is very peppy-contemporary in style and encompasses a very soulful rainbow of vocal styles. It's all set for yet another milestone in Taz's history and repertoire. With exciting collaborations with Rap Star BOHEMIA, UK Bhangra Dj-Producer Mixman Shawn, DJ Sanj and many more - the album is a wonderful experience in Indi-popdom.

Taz sustains the formula Stereo Nation is famous for by way of continuing to write songs that have evergreen sustainability, strong melodies, catchy hooks & lyrics that touch the hearts of everyday people.

'Twist & Shout' has 8 rocking brand new tracks and 9 funky foot-stomping remixes with house, techno and Bollywood flair - by DJ T-NU, DJ Shadow, Johnny Jockey, Chillitown ft Tenny Ten & others.

No wonder Taz's soul connection to his fans worldwide has always been the reason that Stereo Nation has stayed right at the top in music business.


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