TR. Mahalingam


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Mahalingam, popularly known as 'Mali', the flute maestro was an unparalleled musician of a high order in the Carnatic music world. He conquered the music scene from a very early age with his in-born talent and left a legacy behind with an everlasting reputation through his extraordinary skill as a flutist. His technique was unique in its own way, filled with Sukha bhava and Sunaada.

1. The opening song 'Maryada Gadura' in Sankarabharanam is a composition of Sri Thyagaraja. Herein the composer addresses Lord Rama as a compassionate one and asks Him not to treat all alike, including the Bhagavatas who have no musical knowledge, devotion or intellect.

2. Folk melodies are very lively an ideal for pleasant hearing especially through melodic instruments like the flute that can bring out the real feeling in the Raga. T.R.Mahalingam's folk tune in Chenchurutti will enchant the ears of the listeners.

3. Out of extreme devotion for his favorite Lord Rama, Sri Thyagaraja in his kriti 'Meevalla Gunadosha Memi' says - 'Merits and blemishes are not yours but are of my own making; why should one blame God for his own misfortune; my trouble is due to my own mind and inclinations'. Such is the expression of the composer's affectionate remark for the Lord's Grace and compassion on devotees.


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