Mahalingam TR 1

TR. Mahalingam


About this album

T.R.Mahalingam or 'Mali' as he was affectionately called took to the flute like a duck takes to the pond. He was a prodigy and gave his first stage performance at the tender age of seven and from then there was no looking back. In the hands of T.R.Mahalingam, the flute became alive. Melodious notes poured and make the listener feel absolutely at peace with the whole world. He refused all awards conferred on him and didn't want any title. He was a man of the masses.

1. A beautiful 'Ragamalika' complete fills side A where T.R.Mahalingam uses all his skills as an excellent flutist and the ragas flow into each other making the whole song melodious and sweet to the listeners.

2. T.R.Mahalingam gives a seperate beauty to the famous song 'Chinnam Chiru Kiliye' (Kapi) of Bharathiar with his soothing and effortless playing bringing out the sweetness and the pangs of a lover.

3. 'Nadabindu Kalaodi' (Chenchurutti) is a Thirupugazh in praise of Lord Muruga, describing His greatness and redeemer of all sins, to those who fall at His feet.

4. Side B ends with a 'Javali' (Khamas), making it a fitting sequel to all above songs and a delight to all his listeners.


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