Mahalingam TR

TR. Mahalingam

Mridangam Player
Narayanan SVS
Ghatam Player
Vilvadri Iyar
Violin Player
Venkatarama Sastry RK

About this album

Mahalingam, popularly known as 'Mali', the flute maestro was an unparalleled musician of a high order in the Carnatic music world. He conquered the music scene from a very early age with his in-born talent and left a legacy behind with an everlasting reputation through his extraordinary skill. He was the most reputed off flautists, who adorned the contemporary firmament of Carnatic music. He has enthralled thousands of music lovers with the magic of his 'Murali'. His powerful blowing, deft use of fingers in traversing the various octaves, in depth alapanas that reflect his musical vision, underscore the quality of his artistry.

In this album, Mali has played two divine ragas, Kalyani and Saraswathi, both compositions of the saint composer Thyagaraja.


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