Suma Sudhindra

Suma Sudhindra

Mridangam Player
Rajagopal VS
Ghatam Player
Krishnamurthy MA

About this album

Dr. Suma Sudhindra was initiated into this art very early in age and she has now perfected the art of invoking divinity in the veena through the Nada that wafts through as she plucks the strings. Her performances conform to traditional patterns and she sets her own style. This cassette is ample evidence of the artiste's control of her instrument the veena.

1. The first rendition is 'Nee Padamu' (Navarasakanada - Adi) a composition of Srinivasa Iyyengar, where the composer pays his respects at the feet of the Lord before he embarks upon anything else.

2. 'Eevaramadugudura' (Kalyani - Rupakam), an elaborate Thyagaraja krithi where the saint entreatingly asks what boon should he ask Rama. Sri Anjaneya, Shatrugna, Bharata, Lakshmana and Sita all enjoy great fortunes in some form or the other. Though Thyagaraja does not seek earthly pleasures nor the celestial status of Indra, he wants only the mind to be on the royal path to salvation that is devotion to Rama.

3. The next one is 'Intha Soukhya' (Kapi - Adi). Thyagaraja asks, Can I adequately describe the profound Bliss the chanting of Rama Nama gives
me ? who can quantify and qualify that Bliss.

4. This side wafts through with 'Chakkani Raja' (Karaharapriya - Adi) Thyagaraja expostulates with his mind that when the spacious royal path to salvation is availble why should one resort to devious and crooked paths. When creamy milk is available, will anyone think of detestable today?

5. The final rendition is 'Yaadava Nee Baa' (Revathi - Adi). Here Purandara Dasa calls to Madhava, born in the Yadukula race, slayer of his uncle Kamsa, son of Yashoda, holding the conch and wheel, to come and give His darshan to all his devotees, even in His different forms.


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