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Ustad Sultan Khan

Tabla Player
Zakir Hussain (Pandit)

About this album

An artiste's expression is always a true reflection of his mood, his perception and grasp of his themes. Once again, Super Cassettes presents soulful creations by one of our foremost sarangi players of our times Ustad Sultan Khan to the inimitable tabla accompanied by the only Zakir Hussain - boldly innovative and at once candidly endearing.

Ustad Sultan Khan represents Indore Gharana made famous by Ustad Amir Khan. A scion of illustrious lineage of sarangi players, he learnt the rudiments from his father Ustad Gulab Khan who was both an accomplished sarangia and a vocalist of repute. A little wonder then that the Ustad like his father, always punctuates his concerts with vocal Amir Khani nuances. When he picks up sarangi to the lilting Sargams from where he has left off vocally, the succeeding notes emerge in continuation as thought the sarangi sings: His systematic Badhat exquisite Gamaks and intricate tans makes these renditions unique and soulful by their very designs and decorative qualities.

To add extra color and texture to this rare work of art, Zakir Hussain, the internationally acclaimed percussionist steps in at the right time. A child prodigy and a classical tabla player of highest order. Zakir today is a much sought after musician for his Solo and as an accompanist to our leading instrumentalists.

The opening Basant Mukhari - a morning melody of Carnatic origin is replete with soft and soulful patterns set to Vilambit Roopak Tal of 7 beats and Drut Teental of 16.

Next majestic Malkauns stands out boldly all in its grandeur in Vilambit Teental and Drut Ektal. Added attraction is an exquisite Tarana. Here, the Ustad exhibits his vocal prowess by singing a sequence or two and immediately translating and improvising them on his sarangi.

Sarangi, on the verge of extinction, thus gets a fresh lease of life infused with a spirit of freedom and abandon never enjoyed before.


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